Book of Shadows

The Upgraded Pineal Gland & the 7th Dimension

The 7th Dimension is coming in FAST right now, and it’s bringing an upgrade to our pineal gland with it. If you’ve felt like a bear with a sore head lately – whether you’re experiencing more anger, frustration and irritation than usual, or you’ve literally got a sore head or body, you’re not alone. In this post, Kaylee shares how you can support yourself through the expansion.

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Navigating Your Soul Ascension

As we move into a time of Soul Ascension, our 5th Dimension is taking form, our chakras are expanding in size and we’re expanding our capacity to receive more and more light. Learn more about the current 5D upgrade and how you can soothe the ascension.

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The 5 Petalled Crown

Earth is quickening and our frequency is rising fast. Right now, we’re experiencing significant shifts – the upgrading of our Crown Chakra, our Ha.Raa to a Ha.Tha, and our Cosmic Egg to a Golden Cosmic Egg. Learn more about these energy shifts and how to support yourself as you upgrade.

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