Chapter 2 – Meeting My Soul Self

One of my greatest joys is teaching.  I love teaching Kinesiology and Soul Awaking Vibrational Therapy.

In one particular class, we were learning Past Life balancing and one of my students was practising this on me.  We didn’t have a particular goal, although I’d been feeling rather stuck on moving my Soul Awaking course forward and I felt like I was being quite slack in getting the Plant Oils website developed for my essential oils and sprays.

When the past life balance started, we immediately identified 500AD as the time of priority.  Often, when you need to balance past lives, they’re times of trauma that get carried into this lifetime, so they aren’t exactly fun or joyful times.  One of my gifts is that I see the lifetime we’re balancing like a movie in my mind (which also means it can be quite horrifying!) however this time it wasn’t like that at all.  I saw myself running joyfully, barefoot through a deep conifer forest with wolves running alongside me, showing only glances of their fur as they ran with me.  I knew we were somewhere in Eastern Europe – the Baltic.  I’ve never been there in this lifetime, but I could smell it and I knew where I was.  It was like I was connected to the Earth by a tether – one that I hadn’t yet felt in this lifetime. I was wearing a long, flowing dress made from a felted moss green fabric and I had long, white-blonde hair that flew behind me as I ran. 

My Soul Self & My Sisters of the Moon

I also saw myself standing on a rocky outcrop with my sisters standing around me, listening intently. My Sisters of the Moon.  I was their teacher and it was here that I felt I really had something important and worth sharing – a golden light of knowledge that had been gifted to me to interpret and share with the world.  I was a healer of herbs.  I used herbs to create change and healing in the physical and etheric bodies, to ease the transition from one state to the next – one phase of life to the next, one phase of existence to the next.  It felt glorious and I KNEW this life was being shown to me so I could embrace my Soul Self from this lifetime.

I invited her in.  She told me her name was Luna and I asked her to step into me, to guide me, and allow us to walk together on the path I am to live this lifetime.  Luna has guided me lovingly along my path ever since, and I’m amazed at the steps I’ve made. I’m joyfully sharing her and my knowledge with you so that you too can walk your path with your Soul Self.

A Remembering & An Invitation

The time 500AD was a special time on Earth.  It carried a vibration that’s matching our Earth now.  It was a time where women were held in awe and admired, not condemned or scorned for their healing powers.  We weren’t persecuted for our healing gifts, we were welcomed and our gifts were accepted.  Embrace this time.  Heal from it.  Heal the many years since this time when we’ve been persecuted, told we’re not worthy, or maimed and killed for our healing gifts.

We’re here to share our gifts.  To awaken them and believe in them.  Release and repair what is holding you back from them, allow yourself to truly and willingly shift and heal, trust that you are blessed and sacred, step into your fullest potential and heal yourself so you can continue to grow and expand your greatness here on Earth and out into the Cosmos.

We invite you to join us in circle and welcome in your Soul Self.  Embrace your Sisters of the Moon (wherever they might be) and allow yourself to step out of your 3D self and embrace your Cosmic Being.  It doesn’t need to be hard (I learnt that the hard way).

Kaylee & Luna xx

P.S. If you’d like a little loving support to soothe the transition, heal the hurts of lifetimes, and reconnect with your Soul Self, explore our range of Soul Awaking boxes.

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