The 5 Petalled Crown

The 5 petals of the Crown Chakra have begun to emerge.

Over the last few weeks of March 2022 we have had big shifts in regards to our Soul Awaking. I’ve experienced massive shifts in my perception of the world and what we’ve been unconsciously accepting in this lifetime (and in many others) of deep rooted prejudice and fear.

I have been conscious of very strong Pleiadian energy since February 2022, although I’m sure it’s been ramping up for some time. The big, big shift was on the 1st of March 2022. This was my rebirth into my truest self – the journey that I started with the making of Release & Repair Tea.

And now here I am – with the activation of my upgraded Crown Chakra, with the opening and unfolding and acknowledging of the 5 petalled crown – the 5 Mothers – to assist with the weaving together of the 7 Soul Awaking keys.

I have have come to see the 7 keys – Awaken, Believe, Release, Shift, Sacred, Ripen and Heal as the 7 ‘Hathors’ or the 7 Sisters. The 7 Hathors were 7 women, or sisters, depicted throughout ancient history and are said to have come from the constellation Pleiades. With them, they brought the keys to human Soul Ascension – themselves – the tools to Awaken, Believe, Release (Accept), Shift (Change), Sacred (Love), Ripen and Heal.

To truly make sense of this, let’s start at the beginning.

The Human Cosmic Egg

We all have a Cosmic Egg that surrounds and encapsulates all of our physical and energetic parts. It contains our Human Energy Field (sometimes referred to as our Aura), our Ha.Raa, our meridians, our chakras – all of our energy systems. It also holds our physical being. We walk around with this bouncing, flexible, light-filled embryonic sac all the time. It’s always with us, however sometimes it can be unbalanced, too stiff or inflexible, torn, blocked – the list goes on. As we ascend, our Cosmic Egg must be balanced and healthy for it to upgrade – otherwise you wont be able to sustain the new frequency of ascension.

Many different therapies will heal the Cosmic Egg – and I’m sure we’re subconsciously seeking healing of the Cosmic Egg when we seek out energetic healing. The Soul Awaking teas will heal the Cosmic Egg and will work on different layers and levels depending on what the block is.

However, with the most recent upgrades many of us have been experiencing, there is now the activation of the Cosmic Egg upgrade to the Golden Cosmic Egg. Our human Energy Egg is now receiving higher frequency light, bringing with it an upgrade to our core energy field from the Ha.Raa to the Ha.Tha. The Ha.Tha presents as a golden snake that takes the place of the Ha.Raa golden rod/light. At the top of the Ha.Tha is our upgraded Crown Chakra which appears as a crown with 5 petals that are either in full bloom or folded up on itself, depending on its state of activation.

I’ve come to associate the 5 Petals with the 5 Mothers – Sophia, Fatima, Brigit, Kali and Guanyin – and of course I made a tea – the 5 Mothers Tea.

Sophia for protection and any blocks or belief systems we have in place that are stopping us from being protected on this earth, in this lifetime.

Fatima for prejudice and any blocks or belief systems we have in place that are stopping us from truly accepting our truest self – our purpose here in this lifetime – and the prejudice we’ve experienced throughout our incarnations on earth.

Brigit for abundance and the blocks we’ve placed on ourselves based on belief systems around having enough, or not enough, or just enough.

Kali for rebirth through destruction. The energetic flow of life blood to overcome blocks for the rebirth of you as multi-dimensional Soul here on earth.

Guanyin for confidence, passion and purpose.

The 5 petals of the 5 Petalled Crown need to be balanced and in alignment with the new Golden Cosmic Egg – the new template of our multi-dimensional selves.

How do you know if you’re experiencing this upgrade?

Good question. How did I know? I experienced very strange symptoms. I ride my bike to the clinic as often as I can, and for 3 days straight, every time I attempted to stop and put my left foot out to stabilise me, by bike tilted to the right and I almost fell off. Every time I stopped! My vestibular reflex was totally unhinged. Oh, and I fell up the stairs at home and cut my knee – which is a really good indicator that there’s something up with the vestibular reflex (and therefore the nervous system). I knew my nervous system was being affected quite drastically for no real reason. I felt ‘wobbly’ and my brain wasn’t quite as sharp as it normally is. I knew something was up. As a consequence, I listened to the guidance I was receiving to make the 5 Mothers Tea. Literally after half a cup I felt back to normal!

The likely affects you could be experiencing include unexplained pain, unusual negative thoughts, nervous system dysfunction, sensitivity – really it could be anything. The thing to consider is, “Is this behaviour normal for me?” and if it’s not – then I’d be exploring potential upgrades you may have experienced.

I’ve been balancing the 5 Petalled Crown in clinic now for the last week. It’s not a difficult process to balance, but the effects of balancing it are profound.

You can balance the 5 Petalled Crown with the 5 Mothers Tea (which you can buy from our apothecary) or you can book in a balance with Sarah or Geordie.

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