The Upgraded Pineal Gland & the 7th Dimension

The 7th Dimension came in with a thunderous entry on 19 May 2022 at around 12.30/1pm. I felt like I’d been hit by a bus.

A dear friend phoned me a few days later and shared a writing she’d channelled from her guides about the pineal gland. She told me the pineal gland was upgrading, and this married up with the healings my clients had been seeking from me – aligning the 5D, the newly expanded chakras, and alignment of the 7th Dimension – which included an expansion of a field in the brain.

During this time, I was experiencing sharp and excruciating pain in the right side of my head.

Exploring the Upgrades

We’re expanding our consciousness into 7D.

The 7th Dimension is our cosmic connection with the Divine Masculine. We haven’t had a balanced connection with the Divine Masculine for as long as we’ve been missing the Divine Feminine – and that’s been for 12,000 years!

So lets talk about what’s happening within the skull.

We’re expanding. We have a newly emerged energy centre in our brain and it’s located in the pons.

As it is activating, it’s unleashing old patterns of belief and emotions that we’ve tucked away, believing that we’d dealt with them. And actually, we had dealt with them – at a 3rd Dimensional level. As we emerge into the 7th Dimension, it’s opening them all up again for us to take a new look at them and resolve them from a higher frequency.

The kinds of patterns, behaviours and emotions to look out for are anger, self righteousness, and frustration – emotions of the imbalanced or ‘out of sorts’ masculine.

Harmonising the Divine Masculine & Feminine

The new 7D energy centre is a framework to support the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Masculine is made up of our Multi-Dimensional Being, Our Cosmic Self, and the opposing polarity of our Cosmic Self. Within this triangle is the Divine Feminine. The Divine Masculine is the structure that protects and supports the Divine Feminine as the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine meet the universal need to create. To create life, create light, create anything and everything – because, of course, anything is possible.

This new energy centre is expanding our ability to receive higher frequencies – hence the pain in our skull. As we receive newer and higher frequencies, we’re being asked to accept this frequency.

Pain is a physical response to our 3D resisting the upgrade.

7D as a Portal to Knowledge

The new 7D energy centre is a portal to the 6th Dimension, which is the Living Library of Earth, the Akashic Records, and other libraries. It’s a lot to receive and we have protective mechanisms in place to help mediate and moderate how these libraries become accessible.

6D is the dimension storing the knowledge and 7D is the dimension capable of shedding light on receiving and understanding the knowledge.

Ensuring our 7th Dimension is ready and capable of shedding light on the knowledge contained within the 6th Dimension is the first step. Receiving the knowledge is the second step.

So why are we resisting the upgrade?

I often think we need a physical indicator to let us know that we’re experiencing change.

In fact, I’m sure if I was programmed to feel joy and happiness when I receive an upgrade, I wouldn’t be writing this post! Because as much as I know that life isn’t meant to be hard, and that it’s joyful and easy, challenges are also part of this. But we can approach the challenges with ease, excitement and joy!

A Fresh Perspective

Let’s take a look at these old issues from this new viewpoint – the view point of the Divine Masculine, the viewpoint of protection and support.

  • Where are you not protecting yourself?
  • Where do you feel unprotected?
  • How have you interpreted protection in the past? Was it as a way to refuse to acknowledge what has happened – akin to putting your head in the sand?
  • What support are you in need of?
  • Where have you not been supporting yourself?
  • Who are you looking to to support and protect you? Is it yourself? Are you asking someone else to protect and support you who can’t do this for you?
  • Do you believe you CAN protect and support yourself? And if you don’t, how are you feeling about that?

How to Ready Your 7D to Upgrade

There are various tools you can use to balance the new 7D energy centre portal to the 6D Living Libraries. These include:

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