Herb alchemy woven with moon energy to support your Soul Awaking

I'm so pleased you've found us. We've been waiting for you.

Hello & Welcome.

My name is Kaylee. I’m a healer, herbalist and alchemist, and together with my Spirit Guide, Luna, we’re here to guide you through the process of transitioning towards your Soul Awaking in a way that supports you best.

Having been on this journey myself, I’ve forged the tools that helped ease my own transformation; tools I now use in clinic with my clients every day.

Journey with us as we soothe the soul, lift the layers, and soar.

Awaken Box
Soul Awaking - Spirit spray and Awaken Tea blend

It's no coincidence you're here. And you're right on time.

If your soul is craving a deeper level of knowing and your heart is calling you home, consider this space, and the magic it holds, your map and compass.

The tools you’ll find here are the very same ones that supported my Soul Awaking and it’s my deepest joy to share them with you too.

You’re here. You’re home. And it’s time.

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"These beautiful boxes of magic are like a map back home to wholeness."
Sarah Jensen
Heart Healer & Journaling Guide