This is where your journey begins.

We’re blessed to be here on Earth at this time.  Your Soul is here for a purpose and it’s had lifetimes to reach this moment. 

Now is the time.  Earth is quickening, its frequency is rising, and you’re being asked to meet it. It doesn’t have to be hard.  You can choose for it to be easy. Allow us to guide you as you make this adventure to be as simple and beautiful as it can be.

I'm seeking

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step but, in this case, your Soul Awaking journey can start with a single box.

To choose the box that’s best for you, tune into your intuition, use a pendulum (don’t have one yet? Get our beautiful Starter Kit here) or explore the range.

I'm growing

Be guided on your adventure through the 7 levels of ascension and receive a Soul Awaking box each month for 7 months. Starting with Awaken in month 1 and ending with Heal in month 7, we’ll have a little box of magic mailed to your door just in time for the new moon.


Flowers - Annie Spratt

I'm trusting

Ready to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Soul Awaking? You can trust you’re in good hands and order all 7 boxes, giving you the freedom to move through the layers in the order your Soul is seeking. As a gift of gratitude, you’ll pay for 6 boxes and receive the 7th box (plus a personally selected crystal pendulum) for free.