This is where your journey begins.

We’re blessed to be here on Earth at this time.  Your Soul is here for a purpose and it’s had lifetimes to reach this moment. 

Now is the time.  Earth is quickening, its frequency is rising, and you’re being asked to meet it. It doesn’t have to be hard.  You can choose for it to be easy. Allow us to guide you as you make this adventure to be as simple and beautiful as it can be.

I'm seeking

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step but, in this case, your Soul Awaking journey can start with a single box.

To choose the box that’s best for you, tune into your intuition, use a pendulum (there’s one in our beautiful Starter Kit if you don’t have one already) or you can explore the range below.

I'm trusting

Ready to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Soul Awaking? You can trust you’re in good hands and order all 7 boxes, giving you the freedom to move through the layers in the order your Soul is seeking. As a gift of gratitude, you’ll pay for 6 boxes and receive the 7th box (plus a personally selected crystal pendulum) for free.

Flowers - Annie Spratt

Find the Soul Awaking Box to Best Support You


Feel like you’ve just woken from a deep slumber and smelt the ether but you’re not sure where you are, who you are, or who’s making the coffee?  Awaken is for you.
Awaken Tea and Spirit Spray will help you access your ancient wisdom and infuses ease into this time of transition, transformation and awaking.


Been awake for a while but each time you explore your spirituality you find you fall back to sleep – only to awake and fall back to sleep again? Believe is for you.
Believe Tea and Accept Spray will support, nurture and hold you as you take the leap, knowing and trusting that the Universe will catch you.

Release & Repair

This is where it all started for me (Kaylee). I was struggling to release the emotions I felt were holding me back from growing spiritually. I needed something to soothe the transition (for me and for my family). 

The Release & Repair Tea and Ascension Spray became my rock. If you’re like me, perhaps order two!


Shift is the vortex of change that supports you in the transition from 3D to your higher Soul Self. 
The beautiful blend of Shift Tea and Shift Spray will support you as you shift your energy, your mindset, and your beliefs into a new you.  A you that knows you are worthy and deserving of your truest and most joyful life.


Sacred Tea and Harmony Spray will help you acknowledge that you are sacred. That you are the Light. That you are loved and deserve to be loved.
It’s at this level where you can accept that you are guided by something or someone higher. Accepting this guidance is your next big, important step.


If you’ve been a bud on a branch for some time now, waiting to step onto your path, waiting to blossom into who you’ve always been, Ripen is for you.
It’s time to step into your calling and accept your fullest potential. Let the Ripen Tea and Belong Spray support your as you emerge from the bud and bask in your beauty.


If you’ve been ‘doing the work’ for a while but find yourself back on the rat wheel wondering, “What am I doing this for anyway? Nothing’s going to change”, Heal Tea and Flourish Spray are for you.
This level is about bringing everything together, healing the energy leaks and having faith and confidence in yourself so you can shine brightly from within.

Starter Kit

Still not quite sure where to start? Our beautiful starter kit has everything you need to help you choose your first Soul Awaking box, including a crystal pendulum, which is hand selected by us specially for you, as well as our Soul Awaking pendulum charts to guide your way.
It’s the perfect first step if you’re not sure which lovingly crafted box of magic to explore first.