The Soul Awaking Story

I wonder if you can imagine a time where women on Earth were revered and the magic they wove was accepted with grace and reverence.  A group of women who were sisters of the moon, who ran with the wild things, barefoot through the forest, and totally thrived in their own brand of magic, connecting divine femininity with divine masculinity in a way that spoke to the Earth.

It is this time that I’m calling upon in this lifetime.  This version of me (from 500AD). I call her Luna and she shines gold like the light of the goddess. She is me, I am her, and I walk through her and bring the magic of that time into now.

This is how it began for me. Through the process of aligning myself with a version of me from lifetimes ago. It was stepping into my Soul-self, Luna, that downloaded the wonderful gift I’m now sharing with you.

I am a Healer. I spend every day with clients who are seeking the release from old ties and binds, old belief systems and blocks, and all that’s getting in the way of what they are here to do in this lifetime.

We have entered the Golden Age. We are out of the dark.

It is time to resonate at the new Earth frequency and let go of the layers that burden.

If this is where you need to be – then you have found us. Welcome.

We (Luna and I) have created a series of herbal remedies that will support you as you transition through the 7 layers that are holding us back from ascension. Ascension into a new Earth frequency.

Are you ready?