A Soul Awaking consultation assesses what needs to be awoken & healed.

Working at all levels of the body - physical, energetic and soul - your Soul Awaking practitioner will guide you through the many layers of healing needed to get you on your path.

What is a Soul Awaking Consultation?

It’s a gentle and peace invoking therapy that ‘wakes up’ your most authentic and truest self in time for you to step into your greatest potential in this lifetime.  This therapy is for those who know there’s a desire, a purpose, a burning inside of them that needs to get out.

That burning desire to be doing something – something important- but you just can’t find the way.

We can help you discover yourself, along with your Soul’s Path.

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How does it work?

We work with the energy systems of the Soul, to clear and balance past times, events and experiences, connecting you to your truest forms and selves, clearing the path for your Self and your purpose on Earth at this time.

An appointment will typically include an assessment of the blocks and belief systems getting in the way of your purpose, chakra balancing on a deep soul level, meridian therapy, crystal therapy and light body balancing including the use of herbs and other energy medicine. Past life clearing as well as past Soul life clearing may also be needed.

Our Practitioners

Get to know the healers who can support you on your Soul Awaking adventure. We’ve been practicing for lifetimes to guide you on your lifetime’s journey. Learn more about us so you can connect with the practitioner who resonates for you.
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Book your Soul Awaking Session

Your 1 hour Soul Awaking Session can be booked online and held in person (at our clinic in Burnside, South Australia) or online either as a live phone/Zoom session or we can conduct the balance remotely and send you a recording.

Sessions are AUD $180 each and you’ll typically need around 1 to 3 appointments to support your Soul Awaking journey.