Our Practitioners

Our Soul Awaking practitioners will lovingly guide you through the many layers of healing to help you ascend.


An Unlikely Energy Healer

A reformed Scientist and Roller Girl, Kaylee came to energy healing through needing the healing herself. After years of asthma, eczema and allergies, she finally fell in a heap and landed in a Kinesiology course. 

Kaylee loves Kinesiology but has a calling to work with Soul Ascension and she’ll take you on a journey of Soul discovery as you shift your way through what’s holding you back from your truest and most magnificent life.


Geordie is a beautiful Soul delivered here to Earth to heal. Geordie started working with Kaylee in 2018 and quickly established a busy clinic working with children and adults. Although Geordie is a magician with learning difficulties and behavioural issues, Geordie started working with Kaylee for a reason, and that reason is to work with your Soul.
When Geordie’s not holding space for his clients’ healing, you’ll find him strolling along the sandy beaches of South Australia with his Rhodesian Ridgeback named Reacher.