Navigating Your Soul Ascension

Right now we’re moving from Soul Beholding into Soul Ascension.

Since 12 April 2022, our 5th Dimension has really taken form. It has presented as 4 diamond chakras – the Cosmic Mind, Cosmic Lung, Cosmic Heart and Cosmic Womb. We’re now capable of receiving more ‘light’ and, as such, capable of channelling this light into 5D. 

This is our time of Soul Beholding – or in another word, Believing.

Believing in ourselves, believing in miracles, believing in being able to do it. 

5th Dimensional Upgrades

Our capacity to receive more light comes to us because we’ve been upgrading our 8th Dimension (since around February 2022). Our 8th Dimension is the bridge to connect us to our Divine Feminine – and we’ve been missing the 8th Dimension for 12,000 years! (And yes, this means we haven’t been able to access our Divine Feminine dimension for all this time.) Look out the window. We live in a world created by Beings working from an imbalanced Divine Masculine (and the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine must be in balance).

What does this mean for us right now?

I’m so glad you asked.

It means:

  • Emergence of the 5th Dimension.
  • Our 7 major chakras have doubled in size.
  • We’re now experiencing the legacy left by the catastrophic event in Atlantis (which destroyed itself, other civilisations AND the 8th Dimension). Because of this, you may be experiencing an avalanche of emotions about one or more of the following:
    • Atlantis legacy – grief and shame versus belonging.
    • Lemurian legacy – fear versus acceptance.
    • Seraphine legacy – hurt versus freedom.
    • Harat legacy – disaffected versus peace.

It also means:

  • An upgraded Higher Self, which is our Cosmic Higher Self. This has created a divide between the 3D Subconscious and the 5D Higher Self. This can look like:
    • The return of old patterns – perhaps it feels like your 3D subconscious is having a tantrum!
    • The 5D Higher self manifesting miracles to support the 5D.

In a nutshell, the 5D doesn’t have time for the bullshit of 2D and 3D patterns that don’t serve your Soul’s ascension and it’s higher self anymore. 3D has been working with your 3D higher self for a long time now (12,000 years) and has experienced the addition of thousands of years of conditioning and 3D bullshit – enter 3,000 years of recorded religion and the conditioning of fear, self-righteousness, patriarchy, exclusion and servitude that this promotes. It’s time for 5D to return and bring with it access to the bliss of being here on Earth. 

Let’s face it – we can choose for it to be pretty amazing. We just need to believe and then choose to meet those beliefs. 

The Shift is Real

Yesterday I experienced a major shift. At about 1pm on 19 May 2022, I was overwhelmed with what felt like the receiving of ALL of my client’s energy. It was like a tidal wave that made me feel instantly nauseous and exhausted. It took some effort to get through it. My immediate response was to check in with my energy systems, and the message I received was that my chakras had ‘blown out’. I’d been working earlier in the day on the next level of Soul Awaking – which I call Soul Ascension, and I wondered if it had something to do with that…

And of course it did! There are no coincidences after all.

We are moving from Soul Beholding into Soul Ascension. 

This is a time of amazing miracles. A golden age of Miracles, if you will. My 3D subconscious is struggling with letting go and allowing the tidal wave of beautiful energy to sweep me up and take me wherever I’m meant to go. And no surprise that the tea I needed at clinic this morning is Letting Go!

The Letting Go tea will assist my 3D subconscious self to let go and participate in the change that’s happening – whether she wants it or not (and will help her experience it with a whole lot more ease!).

It’s like my 3D subconscious self is holding onto the edge of a cliff, while the persistent (and rather dangerous looking) wave of water wants to take her somewhere. Her fear is making her tighten her grip, but if she lets go I wonder where the flow will take her. I have a hunch it’s somewhere pretty special.

This is our path right now. It’s time to let go and ride the wave. Let go with me, and lean into the pull of the flow.

And if your 3D subconscious self could use a little support to ease the transition, pick up a pot of Letting Go tea, to let go of the density and make way for lightness and miracles.

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