Chapter 1 – My Soul Awaking journey

I wonder if you can imagine a place where the confines of how you live your life are totally created by you. 

Conditioning by family, school, work, friends and our self, all contribute to the rule book that governs our view of the world and how we fit into it.  But what if you didn’t feel compelled to be a certain way, look a certain way, or behave a certain way if you didn’t want to?

The awaking process is about giving yourself the tools and ability to put your head above the white noise that we’ve allowed ourselves to be dragged into.  It’s a willingness to consider new concepts and ideas that can stretch your being into new territories of awareness.

The first step of awaking is to understand that the events unfolding in your world are not a result of random, meaningless acts. Everything occurs for a distinct purpose. 

Why me? And why now?

Humanity is undergoing a profound process of awakening about the nature of existence. The parameters of our 3D reality are part of a much greater reality that’s deeply connected and interrelated to our world. You may be aware that we’re shifting into a 5D reality and, in fact, that could be the very reason you’re reading this.

On the 3rd of December 2019 I experienced a great shift in my world. I was in my clinic where I practice energy healing through Kinesiology and, all of a sudden, the techniques I’d been using for 6 years suddenly weren’t working the way they should. My clients were still getting great outcomes, but it was because I was paddling like a duck – looking calm and serene on the outside but madly paddling under the surface, frantically looking for what they needed with the tools I had.

When my colleague came into my room at the end of the day having had the same experience, I knew something was up.  But what?

The following day I set about asking the body of my clients very different questions. If they could choose exactly what they needed, what would they want. And the answer was very consistent – “higher frequency corrections please”.  And they were needing much higher frequencies. 

No more physical corrections (muscles and acupressure point therapy), they wanted essential oils, sound, sprays and LOTS of crystal therapy. I thought my arm was going to drop off with the crystal pendulum corrections I was doing!

I LOVE essential oils. So much so that I bottle my own and make my own sprays specifically for the therapy I deliver in my clinic. But I’ve always been the kind of therapist to let the body tell me what it needs, and if doesn’t need oils then that’s totally OK. But now everyone was wanting them!

It didn’t stop there though. My clients’ bodies were also telling me that their ENERGY SYSTEMS and polarities had changed!!! WTF?!  How does that happen? 

Well, it did.

New polarities. New chakras. New energy systems.

And not only that, but new access points to new ways of healing. It blew my mind (in a good way).

Maybe it was the years of scientific training and questioning I’d had in my twenties, or maybe it was just my curiosity, but this was a challenge I enthusiastically leapt into and embraced. 

Fast forward to January 2020 and I spent a few days with a colleague and another Kinesiologist at my favourite place in the whole world – on the River Murray in a little town called Mannum. It’s a sanctuary for me and somewhere my family and I love to spent time.

And boy, did we work out some stuff!

We discovered that the Earth was shifting its frequency, and therefore so must we. 

We mapped new polarities of the body – energy systems that had always been there but had now been unlocked so I could muscle test for them.

If our beautiful 3D ‘physical’ being needed an upgrade so it could support us in the 5D transition of our Cosmic being, then our newly emerged energy systems needed to be balanced too. 

Easing the ascension

I mapped and I mapped and I mapped. And then I mapped some more.

My growth during this time was phenomenal, as was my obsession with this work. What I noticed though, was that while the transitions I was making were huge, they were also uncomfortable and felt like hard work.

…and I didn’t think it needed to be this hard.

In fact, every time I muscle tested or used my pendulum to assess where I was at or how I was doing, it kept telling me that it ‘didn’t need to be hard’.

Enter herbs.

Creating what I needed most

I studied as an Agricultural Scientist and had always been fascinated with the power of plants and the healing power of herbs and essential oils. Having also studied herbalism and essential oils, and having an innate knowledge of how they worked and when I needed them, I was keen to see what herbs could offer from a spiritual healing perspective. I was very guided through this process and kept hearing “It’s all about the herbs, Kaylee.”

My first tea was Release & Repair as this was the level I was most stuck in. So much to release from my 3D self, and I didn’t think my family could handle too much more of the self-righteousness and fury I was unleashing through the shift. The Release & Repair tea helped me burn off these emotions and get through the shift efficiently and quickly.

Because I like to look for patterns and wanted make sense of my quickly growing perception of my 5D world, I began making connections – both with myself and my clients – about the new energy systems that were emerging and the layers we need to crack through to for our Soul growth.

The 7 Shields

7 layers emerged – called shields, and these shields need to be broken through so we can ascend. And by ascend, I mean our Soul growing from our 3D physical/Earth-bound selves into our multi layered, multi-dimensional selves. 

The 7 layers are:

  • Awaken
  • Believe
  • Release & Repair
  • Shift
  • Sacred
  • Ripen
  • Heal

(There are more to come, but you have to get through this stage before you can move on).

Everyone has their own path and sometimes you spend longer in one layer than others (hello Release & Repair!). 

You might struggle with Believe and need to shift ‘believe’ across your energy systems – believing in yourself, believing that you’ve got it right, believing in your worth and that you’re worthy of this growth. 

You might struggle with Ripen – and need to shift the energy around finding or accepting your Soul’s path so you can lovingly step into it.

Or you might struggle in some (or all!) of the other layers too.

But why is it so complex? And why do we need to shift it?

We’ve had years, lifetimes even, of being suppressed and told we’re not worthy. It’s like the world has conditioned us through religion, social expectation and the many other forces at play, and we’re unlearning that while re-learning how to be our true selves.

When you’ve successfully moved through the 7 layers, it’s like you’ve been held underwater your whole life and suddenly the pressure’s released and you’re on the surface gasping for air and seeing the world clearly for the first time. Well, that’s what it was like for me.

And that’s why I created the Soul Awaking boxes (teas and sprays) you’ll find here – to ease my own shifting and ascension through the layers, and to help ease yours too.

Access a free pendulum chart to support you in choosing where to start your Soul Awaking adventure here, or dive into the magic and explore the range of Soul Awaking boxes here.

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