The 7 Levels of Ascension – an introduction

You’ve found us. And of course there aren’t any accidents or coincidences in this life – you’re meant to be here.

A tale of discovery

In December 2019, I spent some time with colleagues as I’d been called to map out the energetic changes we were to begin experiencing en-masse. At the time, we had no idea what the year 2020 was to offer us, but we were excited to be gifted with information and tools to help heal.

We spent a wonderful time in a little cottage on the River Murray (my sacred space, near my home in South Australia) experimenting and information gathering. With this information, I was able to begin mapping out the energy system changes which were being called to the surface to meet the frequency shifts occurring on our planet Earth. 

We discovered polarity shifts, new chakras that had emerged (or were going to emerge), the merging of old chakras into new, energy system upgrades, and new maps to help us navigate the path of raising the frequency of our human-ness into a new Earth being frequency.

What an amazing and mind blowing time I had!

With the guidance I received from my ascended master guides and personal spirit guides, Ewa and Haya, together with the mapping of the 7 levels of Soul Ascension, the 7 Soul Teas were created. These teas were driven by a need to ease the process of my own ascension path and then to assist my clients as I’ve had the honour and pleasure to guide them on this path too.

And it’s here that I invite you to join us; to take the first step on your Soul’s healing ascension path. 

Start your Soul Awaking adventure

It doesn’t need to be hard. In fact, your transition into a New Earth Being, raising your vibration, and ascending your frequency to align yourself to and with the Golden Light of your Soul’s awaking can be the most wonderful experience you have in this lifetime, if you choose it to be so.

We recommend muscle testing or using a pendulum to determine what level of Soul Awaking support you need. You can do this just by asking yourself the question, but I like to use a chart – that way I know I haven’t influenced the outcome.

If you have your own pendulum, or already know how to muscle test, you can download the 7 Levels of Soul Ascension Chart here

If you don’t have a pendulum, and you’d like one, order a Starter Kit here. The kit includes a crystal pendulum that we’ll choose specifically for you (using our pendulum!) as well as access to videos and pendulum charts.

Alternatively, you can start at the beginning – at Awaken. This is a wonderful place to start, regardless of how much spiritual work you’ve done.

When I started this journey, it began with Release & Repair – however I quickly needed to go back to Awaken and truly allow my Soul to awaken to the journey. I found myself back at Awaken just this week. Many events in life can create an ebb-and-flow on your path and it’s totally OK to go back and allow yourself to release another layer before you move on.

About the 7 Levels of Ascension


Of course you’re awake – otherwise you wouldn’t be here, but this layer will allow you to be safe and awake.

Working with this layer is when you are awake, and happy to be awake, but every now and again you experience something that makes you want to go back to sleep. To pull the covers of the Universe over your head and sink back into the depths and safety of ignorance. If this is you, you need Awaken.

Repeat after me: I am strong and powerful. It is safe for me to be awake.

Get your Awaken box here.


So now you’re awake. Good morning. 🙂

It’s now time to truly believe in yourself, in the magic you wield and the faith that you have ‘got it right’. So much of our life points us in the opposite direction to the path of Believe.

Believing in your own brand of Soul magic is imperative in moving forward and creating a wonderfully stable foundation for the next level of your Soul Awaking.

Give yourself the gift of believing in your Self and all of the possibility that holds. 

Get your Believe box here.

Release & Repair  

You’ve been working for lifetimes to lift and let go. What’s holding you back from living the life you were born to lead? What rules in your own rule book are in conflict with healing your Soul’s Path.  

If you keep returning to an old pattern of behaviour, thought, or belief system that you just can’t seem to shift, or you tell yourself that your ‘personality’ is such that you can’t achieve what you want – then it’s time to release what’s holding you back and heal it so you can get a wriggle on.

Get your Release & Repair box here.


Everyone will need shift at some stage of their ascension. 

Willingness is paramount to making a change, and we may believe we’re willing, but our commitment to change is what matters. 

Give yourself the gift of shifting with ease and grace. It doesn’t need to take long – or be hard.

Repeat after me: I am 100% willing to change and heal, 100% of the time.

Get your Shift box here.


Is it time to accept your divine guidance? 

Your sacredness is a given – a gift from the Universe – you just may not believe it yet.

This level supports you as you explore self love and the belief that you deserve love and be loved; love that is totally true and unconditional. Embrace the frequency of love and let the magic of the Sacred box support and heal you from the inside out. 

Get your Sacred box here.


It’s time to lovingly step into your calling and embrace your greatest potential in this lifetime – and all the lifetimes leading you to now.

You are a divine, sacred being. You have begun the transcendence from your 3D human state into your ascension. Be in it. Love it. Allow yourself to transcend with ease and grace. Accept your greatness and allow yourself to fully blossom and unfold into the ripeness of who you are.  

Get your Ripen box here.


It is now time to accept your greatness. To heal the collective conscious of yourself and the Universe. You are the Universe and the Universe is you.

Heal the collective wound that was allowing your energy to flow out, draining you of your potential. Heal so that you can create a strength needed to continue your growth; strength to release even more layers that are holding you back from your truest potential.

Acceptance of your greatness. You are now transcended. You are ready to move on to the next layer of Awaking.


Get your Heal box here.

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