The Magic of Herbs

I treasure the connection I have with my spirit guides and ascended master guides, and one day I’ll share the awaking experience I had with one of them. But for now, I want to share with you what they’ve taught me about the power and magic of herbs.

What is a herb?

HERB is the word used to describe a natural, high frequency, healing item.

It might be a fresh or dried plant (which we commonly refer to as a herb), a crystal, a particular element from the Earth or an essential oil made from a plant. It might also be a sound or frequency. So please don’t get confused when I use the word herb.

It covers anything of a healing frequency made from, or in, our planet Earth.

Confusing much?

And when I speak about the magic of herbs, I’m referring to the healing frequency or vibration of these elements; elements used to help create change and healing to our various bodies (physical, spiritual, emotional, Soul etc.).

So, with that sorted, let’s get to the good stuff – the magic of herbs.

The healing magic of herbs

I wonder if you can imagine a spectrum of healing frequency, and along this spectrum, herbs are lined up with their own special frequency of healing magic.

Take, for example, the Blue Butterfly Pea Flower. It has a sweet and fragrant petal, light and airy, that creates a sense of warmth and cleansing, linked to the throat chakra with its vibrant blue hues. However, its true power lies in its ability to help you ‘cling to the climb’ as you ascend your awareness and your awaking towards your Soul’s path.

With the botanical name Clitora Ternatea, it also has a special, divine feminine energy awaking as well.

Or, let’s look at something a little more grounding; the Dandelion Root.

An earthy tasting herb, the roasted root is often used to replace the earthy taste of coffee for those weaning themselves off caffeine. Its magic is grounding for the Soul .

As your Soul is awaking, this herb can be used to offer a stabilising and grounding effect on your energy field as you transition, making the shift easier and more peaceful. (Because it really doesn’t need to be hard or painful).

Blending herb magic

So how do we bring herbs together to work their magic? I’m so glad you asked.

Blending herbs is a work of art. Sometimes adding 1 + 1 doesn’t make 2. Sometimes it makes 35, or a million, or even infinity (can you tell I’m a little prone to the dramatic?).

The real magic is in the blending and, when I’m making a tea blend, I often don’t feel the magic take hold until the final herb, soul code or magic word is spoken. Then it floods the mix and the Soul Awaking Tea becomes something so much more than a blend of dried plants. If you’re sensitive to energy, even just holding the teas can give you a tingle.

Herbal alchemy

If you’re ready to experience the magic of herbs first hand, explore our range of Soul Awaking Teas. Each blend has been crafted with love, herb magic and moon energy to support your awaking and soothe your ascension.

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