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If you’ve been a bud on a branch for some time now, waiting to step onto your path, waiting to blossom into who you’ve always been, Ripen is for you. 
Now is the time to ripen and bloom, to step into your calling and accept your fullest potential.  Let the Ripen Tea and Belong Spray support your unfolding.  Allow yourself to emerge from the bud and bask in your beauty.


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The Ripen Box includes the Ripen 100% Herb Infusion Tea (20g) and the Belong Spray (100ml).
Also included is a ‘Ripen Light Code’ for use in meditation and healing, as well as access to the Ripen Light Language activation and healing meditation.
Ingredients: Buchu, Elderberry, Dandelion Leaf, Violet Leaf, Calendula Petals and Ginger Root.